Safe venue

COVID-19 procedures

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the world and Poland we have implemented procedures to minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread and to ensure yours and our team’s health and safety.

As a priority, we follow a range of hygiene and social rules so that you can enjoy your stay in Venetian House Aparthotel.

  • Covering your mouth and nose in the venue is required. You are asked to wear a protective mask and disinfect your hands. There is a disinfectant in the reception lobby.
  • When you are in the venue, keep a safe distance from others – at least 1.5 m. Avoid crowded places.
  • Only one person, except of the front desk officers, is allowed to be reception area. Others are kindly requested to wait outside the building.
  • Our entire staff is equipped with PPE. We frequently use disinfectants to clean our hands. We disinfect our workplaces, devices and ventilate and ozone common public spaces.
  • We perform regular disinfection of doors, handles and handrails, as well as the elevator and buttons on the panel, the reception desk and credit card terminals.
  • We increased the frequency of disinfection and ventilation of common spaces, such as staircases, corridors, restaurant.
  • Upon arrival, we will ask you to fill a health survey. If you are a self-isolatin, feel unwell or have an elevated body temperature, please change the dates of your stay, as we will not be able to accommodate you.
  • You can use the elevator to go to the indicated floor where your room is. Use it with your travel companions only to avoid contacting other residents of the aparthotel. If you can, use the staircase.
  • We do not provide cleaning services during your stay. On special request, after making arrangements by phone with the Reception, the cleaning staff will provide the service of changing towels, emptying the trash can or replenishing toiletries. The service will be provided only when you are not in the room.
  • Decorative pillows and bed covers have been removed from your room. If this makes the room feel sadder, we are sorry but we are trying to minimize the risk of spread.
  • Air blow dryers are not allowed in the rooms.
  • The remote control for the TV and air conditioning is in a safe cover to facilitate disinfection, please do not remove it.
  • The rooms with kitchenettes and their equipment are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, aired and ozonated after each departure. This can make the room seems cooler sometimes.
  • Bed linen, towels and other textiles are washed and delivered following the sanitary regime.
  • Breakfast is served to the table in the Restaurant. Our restaurant operates following current government guidelines, and meals are served with appropriate precautions.
  • On the day of departure, please return the entry card or the key to the special container placed on the reception desk.
  • We guarantee that all our employees have received training in the principles of cleanliness and hygiene and are obliged to follow the established procedures.
  • If you experience alarming symptoms of the infection, please stay in the room and contact the Reception by phone. We will provide you with the necessary help.


Our mission is your satisfaction and comfort. We do our best so you can rest and enjoy all the charm of Krakow, the City of Polish Kings.

At this unusual times, we ask you for your understanding, cooperation and respect for our common principles.